September 25, 2018

A Moment of Astounding Glory

Among the more commonly known passages that describe the glory of God would be those near the end of the Word of God in the book of Revelation, especially in the final 2 chapters as it describes the new heaven, the new earth, and the new Jerusalem.

One of the earliest descriptions of heaven in the Bible is in the second of 66 books: “Then Moses went up, also Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and they saw the God of Israel. And there was under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and it was like the very heavens in its clarity” (Exodus 24:9-10).

In John 13 Jesus is telling his disciples about his imminent departure when “the Son of Man will be glorified as God is glorified in Him” (13:31). He specifically describes what's to come as “The moment of this astounding glory” (13:32).

If you don't know the story, you might expect some streets of gold, the room turned into shining gemstones, or light and music filling the air. That's not what happens next.