January 17, 2007

Tips for Bible Reading

ESV Blog has some Tips for Reading Scripture today. (Actually, they got them from another blog.) I agree with their points.

This is my favorite Bible Reading/Study tip:
Q. How come the Bible is so hard to understand?
A. Often, this appears to be the case because the Bible doesn't say what we think it should say. For instance, the Bible says that we are saved by grace rather than by personal goodness (Eph. 2:8,9) and this is confusing to many who think of themselves as being good.
(From Christian Destiny)

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Wayne Leman said...

Another reason the Bible is so hard to understand is that it is often translated using words and grammar which are unnatural. If more Bible versions were worded as Jesus spoke, using ordinary words about the home, farming, and fishing, we could at least understand the words and grammar better. We would still have the spiritual barrier, since even when Jesus spoken plainly his audiences often did not understand what he meant by what he said.

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