January 16, 2007

Bible in a Year

I've read through the Bible twice: once in the NASB, once in the NLT. Neither time did I make it through in a year.

However, this year, I'm going through the ESV, and it's with the help of their RSS feed that includes links to listen to Max McLean reading the text. It keeps me from stopping and meditating as much, but I'm finding it is very effective at getting me through the text.

As I have recently begun to splinter my content ideas across multiple blogs, this blog is going to be where I deposit observations I make about the text. (I'm a little behind, though, as last week I was tracking Congress, then launched a new blog, and finished up my first big report of the year.)

I have been making and recording these observations anyway. I've just never shared them before. As for past observations, I could share those, too. All at once ... or gradually ... not quite sure how I would work that. If you have any ideas, please comment below.

10,817 days

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